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Congressional Election

Rahul Gandhi, the marketing campaign leader of Congress and in addition the vice-president of the occasion is ready along with his celebration’s election manifesto that features universal healthcare protection. This healthcare protection includes availability of free medicines in all the government hospitals and well being centers.

United Progressive Alliance (UPA) have been making commitments and techniques on improved health care and enhancing rural development for quite some time, but no such progress is basically seen. The breakthrough of the well being care system is an try and help the poor folks of the nation.

Our country is a growing nation which still has below 70% rural protection and 77% living below the poverty line. As poverty covers a big section of the nation, so growth of the individuals is essential. Every government tries its finest to herald latest improvement initiatives that will help the poor individuals to put a step ahead towards good living. Congress has initiated many packages that assist in the advance of the situation of poor folks of the nation. One among that dependable program is Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA).

It’s a program that goals to ensure the right to work and likewise ensure the livelihood security in rural areas by allotting not less than 100 days of guaranteed wage employment in a financial yr to every family whose adult members volunteer to do unskilled manual work. This program was launched in February 2006 and is claimed to be a brainchild of Sonia Gandhi, president of Congress. This is also considered as the principle causes for UPA to be re-elected in the year 2009.

But this program is now delivering bother to the celebration and to those leaders who were involved in it. In keeping with a report submitted by the reputed English daily newspaper Economic Times, an analysis of data from the MGNREGA management information system in districts represented by top and promising Congress leaders reveals that there are delays in payments to about 50 percent of the beneficiaries. Additionally it is noticed that payment have exceeded the due date and in some circumstances it has crossed three months duration as effectively. It also states that the delay in a number of the districts were UPA ministers and prime Congress leaders are involved is greater than 50 per cent.

The beneficiaries are waiting for his or her wages in varied districts scattered over the nation and every district is being led by eminent political leaders of the occasion. Solapur district that is represented by Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde has 88 per cent beneficiaries which might be waiting for their wages, Union Minister Shahi Tharoor led Thiruvananthapuram district also has 77 per cent delay cases.

That is making a destructive affect on the people of the nation and pre-election campaign can also be affected with such a survey report. Aruna Roy, social activist and National Advisory Council member stated that the reason for such delay for wages is due to the delays in the measurement of labor, lack of enough engineers and barefoot professionals in the field to make well timed measurements.

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