Why A Toto Site Is Called A Gambling Platform

Gambling Platform

Dear community! This development update we want to concentrate your attention on last conference that DAO.Casino Dominoqq have participated. It was very important event, since we took part in forming crypto-games developers community and performed a very interested presentation by our lead solidity developer Alexander Davydov. The details will be further.

As we mentioned before, we will concentrate on business development this time, since it is crucial for further development of our project. We have participated in first crypto-games conference in Kyiv, 11th May. There was around 300 participants, 30 top speakers from 15 countries. This was an important step in forming blockchain games developers community, and DAO.Casino took a really important role in forming this community.

We are now establishing a telegram group, which will include representatives of 67 gamedev teams — community will use telegram as a primary interactions tool. But why it is so important for our project? We are building an ecosystem for gaming industry, and game developers are important part of such system. They will create games based on our protocol and casino operators could use this games on their platform. That is why it is so important to be in contact with our future possible partners.


What is really worth noticing, is that we have finally presented our slots game — ICOSlot. Last three months we have put a lot of efforts in building this game. It was a tough challenge and we are proud to say we succeeded. We have demonstrated this game on our booth — and all visitors were excited with this. Game was completely compatible with our protocol, channels opened and closed correctly, dispute worked well, all data was written to Ethereum blockchain.

We showed results, proved our work.

This was a ready-to-go show-case for DAO.Casino, an important release of first version of our project. And we are not going to stop on this. We showed results, proved our work. We are going to release more games, that are going to be an examples and templates for our partners of how to create blockchain games. It is going to be Dice, lottery and other games.

Right now we can only show videos and screenshots of our slots. But as soon, as our new design for platform will be ready, all of our community could check it out.


Our lead blockchain developer Alexander Davydov was one of conference speakers. He did the best he can — presented top tier off-chain technologies. This is what our project really good at. But if you want to find more from his presentation, check the script from our github.

Contacts and partnerships

Each conference and meetup is valuable for networking and possible partnership contacts. We have managed to collect a lot of such contacts and now in active negotiating phase — deciding who can be valuable for DAO.Casino and who not. It will take some time to parse all business cards and connections and if we will decide to announce an agreement — our community will certainly find it out first.

Development Portal

We have also presented our special web page for developers on conference. We will use it to gather dev teams in one place, help them with DAO.Casino protocol integration with our tech support and feedback. Just as we mentioned before, we need more developers that will create games based on our protocol. This page will explain, what benefits our project gives, how to create games, give them a support in difficult questions and in future it will contain guidelines of connecting our protocol to exciting games.


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